the story of a store and a flat

Type: new building, mixed use

Location: Vathi village, Meganisi Island

Size: 82.0sqm

Year: 2017

Stage: construction completed

Collaborator: Ionios Techniki S.A. (construction)

The plot is located in the coastal settlement of Vathy in Meganisi Island, where a two storey building is designed.

The ground floor shelters a retail use (44sqm) and the upper floor a one bedroom flat (38sqm); both of them with have private entrances.

The type of retail use was not predetermined so flexibility was an important design parameter for the ground floor space.

The view towards the port played a leading role at the flat’s interior design where both rooms face towards the sea.

The building’s design follows the main rules of the Island’s vernacular architecture in order to plug into the village gently. Moreover, the building’s decorative parts, such as the balcony’s railing, the pergola and the entrance’s shelter, have been designed after taking into consideration the Island’s unique morphological elements.