Building complex of touristic apartments

Type:  complex of touristic apartments

Location: port of Nikiana town, Lefkada island

Size: 400sqm

The corner plot is located in the East coast of Lefkada Island at the port of Nikiana town. The planning regulations of the town describe an urban environment that contradicts with the sub-urban image of the surrounding neighborhood.

Room to let has always been the main accommodation choice in Greek summer vacation. The aim was to create a building complex of rooms combining common and private spaces and taking advantage of the plot’s building capacity in the maximum level.

Even if the plot is located opposite to the port only a part of one façade has optical access to the sea. Therefore, an introverted building is designed facing to an internal yard. The design of the building mass creates the shape of the void which varies between different kinds of open air spaces in terms of use, view and orientation.

Two building chapters are designed; the “urban” one is characterized by the maximum height and a covered walk acting as the entrance that leads to the atrium -main cell of the complex, while the design of the second chapter follows a smaller scale and proportions.