Olive Oil Factory

Type: industrial building

Location: Meganisi Island, Lefkada

Size: 600sqm

Year: 2017

Stage: developed design

The Agricultural Cooperative of Meganisi Island aims to create a new oil press factory that will gather all the existing oil press units of the Island.

The building schedule consists of the three basic parts of the process: olive processing, olive oil storage and product packaging and the ancillary unit, which houses administrative and secondary uses.

The plot is located in a rural area with a gentle slope, where the typical “rock garden” image that rules the Island, forms the landscape.

The access to the plot is via the Island’s main street. The vehicles’ circulation continues around the building, where the necessary entrances are designed for unloading the seeds and loading the olive oil.

Major design parameters were separating the factory’s functions without blocking the spaces’ connection, different height standards among the processing, the storage and the product packaging space as well as the specific process of an oil press factory.

The front section of the building is designed as the factory’s main façade, where the adjacent spaces different light and ventilation needs contribute to the front wall’s design as a composition of wired cubes filled with stones.