Type:  reuse, industrial building, museum,

Location: Vathy village, Meganisi Island

Size: 240sqm

Stage: developed design

Year: 2012

Collaborators: Vivian Antonatou (architectural design & 3D visualization)

Even though a small island, Meganisi with the three villages that comprise it has been having a significant rate of touristic development the last few years. The Municipality of the island aims to create a cultural center demonstrating the life and activities of people living on the island.

Located at the coastal village of Vathy, a former industrial single storey building (oil processing) will be reconstructed to host the new museum. The ground floor will house the oil processing exhibition while a vertical extension will house the folklore section.

The façade design of the new building and the chosen materials follow the principles of vernacular architecture and morphology of the village. As far as the internal part of the building is concerned, a contemporary light weight structure forms the first floor and the roof.

An external path with steps connects the two floors. As the guests move towards the upper floor they walk between the building and the plot’s boundary wall, which is also part of the exhibition showing some of the peoples’ outdoor activities. This path aims to create a scene based on the village’s picturesque alleys where vegetation is used for shading as in the rest of the village.