Hotel Nefeli – bathroom renovation

Type: renovation, interior design, bathrooms

Location: Agios Nikitas village, Lefkada Island

Size: 2.30 – 3.50sq /bathroom

Stage: completed

Year: 2016

Hotel Nefeli is a three storey building located at Agios Nikitas village on Lefkada Island. The Hotel’s capacity accounts for 21 bedrooms. There are four studios on the ground floor, eight rooms on the first floor and nine rooms on the second floor. The Hotel was built in the 1980’s where the philosophy of “small bathrooms and big bedrooms” was predominant. Therefore, all possible changes, for instance relocating the partition walls, were made in order to enlarge the bathrooms. The interior design as well as the materials, textures, colours and lighting, aimed to make the space more functional and to feel bigger and brighter.