masterplan of the building complex & houses’ interior design

Type: masterplan, landscape architecture, interior design

Location: Meganisi Island

Size: 400sqm

Stage: completed

Year: 2015

Collaborators: Ionios Techniki S.A. (architectural design), Aleksandros Vlachos (3D visualization)

The project is about optimizing the masterplan of three villas located in a rural region on Meganisi Island. Taking into consideration the architectural design of the dwellings and the plot’s landscape the design of the exterior space aims to provide each villa with more privacy and a variety of open air spaces. Pergolas and other shading devices are used to make outdoor activities (dining, barbeque, lounge areas) more comfortable during the summer period.

Moreover, the interior design of the houses aims to create a more contemporary image in contrast with the buildings’ vernacular architecture. The buildings’ walls are made of stone which in some areas is kept exposed, while in others it is plastered in order to make the space look brighter and bigger.