Townhouse Hotel

Type: new building, hotel

Location: Lefkada city

Size: 485 sqm

Year: 2018

Stage: developed design

Collaborator: Spyros Boukas (3D visualization)

The plot fills the corner of the city block in the urban network of Lefkada city. The conjunction of the streets that the plot is located plays an important role not only at the business scenario but also at the building’s design.

The townhouse hotel differs from the classic hotels as it aims to provide its guests with a more urban experience in their accommodation.

The hotel is a four storey building with a one bedroom flat and studios. The basement shelters secondary uses. Part of the roof is designed as a terrace with a small open air bar with city view.

The entrance is from the East side of the plot where the guest finds the reception and a small living room.

An internal open air space lights up the main staircase, it is planted with low vegetation and acts like a yard inside the building.  Moreover, the yard contributes significantly to the building’s overall daylight and natural ventilation.

A wired mesh that surrounds the building shapes the image of the hotel. The mesh follows a curved path in order to emphasize the plot’s location and provides the balconies and the spaces that it surrounds with privacy and shadow.