10 Rooms Hotel

Type: new builidng, hotel

Location: Nidri town, Lefkada Island

Size: 415sqm

Year: 2018

Stage: developed design

Collaborator: Spyros Boukas (3D visualization)

The project is about a 10 rooms hotel in the touristic town of Nidri.

Key design parameters where to maximize the outdoor common space and the best use of the plot’s building area.

The hotel has one main entrance from the central street and a secondary from a passage at the back side of the property. Both entrances have been integrated into the building design. A “Γ” shape building is designed, which surrounds the main yard with the pool and provides the space with privacy. A smaller yard is designed as an atrium in the side of the plot and is connected to the main yard through the reception space. Moreover, part of the third and last floor is also designed as a common terrace.